Adding the calendar in WordPress

This is the info…

but to save you all from having to go to a different page, I shall explain it here.

You simply need to add a line of PHP code to the template. The code is:

The steps:
1. Go to the admin section of WordPress.
2. Presentation
3. Theme Editor
4. Sidebar
5. Find where this part of the code is:

6. and add the calendar code before the wp_list_pages junk.
7. update the page and BANG! You’ve got a calendar.

*Be aware, I had to add some spaces in the above code so that it would show up properly.

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0 thoughts on “Adding the calendar in WordPress

  1. Meagan

    Hey Ammon–
    Can you give me that code for uploading/downloading in Terminal? I got a taste of the power and I want to exploit it! Thanks!


  2. ammon


    But here is a link to a good reference for a bunch more commands (they’re called commands on a terminal, instead of code 🙂 ).

    unix guide

    The command to securely copy files from one computer to the other is ‘scp’, and it takes the format command options sender receiver

    So an example would be:

    scp -r ~/Documents

    That would copy recursively (-r) all files and directories located in the directory named stuff which is in the home directory ( ~ ) on (this can be a domain name or IP number), to the local computer in the directory Documents.

    To copy a file from the local puter to the server, just switch the last to options.