Front page get's new design

I updated the front page for

I’m using a content management system that I built myself. Looks pretty cool, I think.

I just need to fix a few things with the links, how they’re displayed. I need to be able to order them how I want.

Anyhow, the code is available for anyone who wants it.

And to fulfill the CSS assignment, I made sure that the site validates as standard compliant CSS and HTML (don’t worry about all of the warnings in the CSS, who wants to add all of that extra stuff anyway).

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0 thoughts on “Front page get's new design

  1. Meagan

    Looks good, nice and clean. What’s the deal with the content management system? Is that what the login is for?

  2. Ammon

    I built the CMS from scratch, so I want to use it. It was mostly done for work, but also alot because I always have wanted to build one. 🙂

  3. nona

    The site is nice and I know it’s a little thing but I particular like the way that on the left navigation bar, the page that you are visiting is indicated in bold, even if you select it from the top navigation. By the way, I was wondering if their was a functional reason for having a top navigation as well as the a side one? Design wise it looks great. Oh and I like your mouse graphic.

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  5. Ammon

    Yeah, it took a while to figure out how to ge the bold-ing of the links based on which page your at, but it was pretty cool when I did.

    The functionality of the top and side menus…..

    Well, the top one is supposed to be a main menu, with top level items. The side menu shows these top level ones, and the sub-level menu items. For example ‘Classes’ is a top level menu item, and each of the classes are a sub-level.

    Plus, I thought it looks cool.

    The mouse graphic is from the Missile Mouse, a cartoon my friend Jake Parker does. He’s working on IceAge2.