Class discussion on February 7, 2006.

Big deal about footnotes? Scholars love them, and need them. Web people don’t want them, or think they are needed. They want to come up with a different way: links, sidebars, and such.

Tonight, we learn how to put good ol’ footnotes in the text, so they look good.

Here’s the practice page.

– The problem with the basic tag is that the line-height is all messed up. It’s about readability! Make it nice on the eyes, pal!
– all the values in the element? remember TROUBLE or TRBL (top right bottom left)

Ex. padding: 2em 2em 2em 2em

– Make the sup script stand out and not mess up the line-height by taking out the margin, padding, etc
– The image looks best when floated to the right. Because the image shows someone pointing. You want the eyes to be drawn to the text. Bad example: Little Professor. Her picture is looking away from the text.
– Can’t she just flip the image? Depends, what is the image for, copyright issues…
– images: use some floating and padding.
– menus: list-style-type: none, get’s rid of the dots.
– pull qoute: display: block, kind of makes it like it’s own little div. Also use the tag.


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