A better world, without IE

Looking closely at the CSS for the typography project…. The class example shows some good stuff (the css).

Here’s some CSS tips and points to remember:

  • To get IE to float properly, use a text-align: center in the body and then text-align: left/right/whatever where needed.
  • Set the min-width in the body to prevent failures in Netscape.
  • There’s a cool way to do the foot notes on this example. They are in a span that is hidden unless the mouse rolls over, at which point they appear visible. Really Cool, I think.
  • The example also uses a small flash movie to add some pull text to the site. Kind of a neat way to add some different fonts and colors to the page.
  • Try these fonts: font-family: “Lucida Grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, verdana, lucida, sans-serif
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