Class notes on Photoshop

These notes are good for line drawings…

Problems with old lithographs, wood carvings, line drawings….
- foxing: discoloration due to mildue, etc.
- yellowing of paper
- creases, folds, etc.

Things to try (tying to get rid of the background color):
- crop the image and put it on a layer.
- Auto color, see if you can do the auto colors.
- change the color levels (little graph thingy showing levels)
- add layers below the image, put the background as a bright solid color. A middle empty layer helps with the blending.
- Blend the layers so the bright color permiates the previous background. Then change the layer’s background color.
- You can erase any foxing, or other blemishes in the background from the image layer.

To play with and change the colors:
- Use the Selective Color tool, where you can slide the values of the colors in the image.
- To change to black & white use ‘Desaturate’ not gray scale.
- To switch colors, use the ‘Replace color’ tool. Mess with the fuzziness, and then the replacement options…

When changing the image size:
- Use ‘Image Size’ and set the Resample Image option to ‘Bicubic Sharper’.
- Change the size by using the ‘percent’ option, not ‘pixels’.
- to make sure it hasn’t lost any of detail, use the ‘Unsharpen Mask’ in the Filter menu.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin picture
- There are letters bleeding through in the background
- The faces are too dark.

What to do?
-Try the background trick from above.

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