Redo! on the typography.

Despite spending a couple of days in the hospital with my 3 year old son, I totally revamped my project.  The new typography project (with no changes happening during class time, I promise! I’ll sit on my hands the whole time!) can be found at The text for this page is taken directly from the introduction of Strauss’s book. I’m using it as a filler, so that I can focus on the typography side of the project.  The “Home Page” has a brief introduction to the project.
I couldn’t resist using a little bit of PHP to make my life a bit easier.  Just simple page includes and an if…elseif…else statement.  Elementary stuff…. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Redo! on the typography.

  1. Meagan

    The site looks great! Your header image appears a bit fuzzy though, making the font a little bit hard to read though. Otherwise, looking good.

  2. Ammon

    Thanks. I don’t do well with images and banners and stuff… That’s were my weakness is. That’s what I’m here to learn.

  3. Kurt


    I’m curious as to how you used PHP for that page. You mentioned an include but what part of the page did you use that for? I’ve done some PHP coding here at the House of Reps to access a mysql database but I hadn’t thought much about how to use it outside of that function. How does that jive with CSS and validation?


  4. ammon

    I often use PHP to include a file for the header and footer portions of the page. That way I only have to edit one page for all of the header information, and one page for the footer info. This way different pages can include the same header and footer files.

    But on this site, I used PHP to include other pages as the body of the page. So the index.php page includes all of the general layout (header through footer stuff), but then an if..elseif..else statement defines the actual content of the page. If a link is clicked, then a certain file is included. I could also alter it to include text from a database instead of a static file. I’ll show you the script in class if you want.

  5. Tai

    Hey Ammon: I was thrilled to check out your typography site. I was hoping you would be able to discuss it a bit in class, but hey I liked checking it out here. Any interest in linking the footnote back to the place where the citation was placed in the body-text of the page? I can’t lie, I spent hours figuring that part out on mine! You text on the typography page was so interesting and dense I felt a little dumb for having to re-read most of it, but smarter for having finished! This is a very intriguing topic! Nice job.

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