Little noties for Weekly Posties – March 7

Cameron Moll, That Wicked Worn Look
Part Four: Expert Guest Gala

Academics of Worn
Greg Storey,
This guy has some good advice. Take shapes from the times. Like signs, airplanes, cars, etc. Also take the colors from the times, and then apply hues/saturation filters to get the other tones that make the image look old and authentic.

Aged Aesthetic
Jason Santa Maria,
Does the ageing support the concept of the site, or are you just doing it ’cause it looks cool. “The better you understand what it is you are emulating, the more realistic the effect will be.” Touch it, taste it, feel it, smell it, study it. Be creative, and make weathered looks from things around you.

The Awesome Antiquated Look
Blake Scarbrough,
Use a brush tool that has the look you want. Add that style to any tool; brush, eraser, clone, etc. Then apply blending, colors, and filter affects.

Weathered: Subtle. Restrained.
Ryan Sims,
Not there, couldn’t track it down….

Time Traveling
David Hellsing,
Four easy steps to make something look old.

Dave Rau & Josh Bertrand,
Use source files, scanned in images for textures.

Paula Petrik, Scholarship on the Web: Managing Engravings

This is the tutorial for what we did in class last week. A good reference.

Poysonal thoughts:

These were all good tips and tricks for editing images and making them ready for the web.  The “Wicked Worn Look” (making a new image look old) was doing to an image in reverse of what we learnt in class last week, making an old image look new.

The most helpful tips were to look at the purpose of ‘ageing’. Will it add to the concept of the site, or is it just because it looks cool.  For inspiration, look at shapes and colors of signs, airplanes, cars, houses, anything of the time period. Use things commonly handy for tools to make your own filters and textures.

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0 thoughts on “Little noties for Weekly Posties – March 7

  1. Meagan

    I agree; I really dug this week’s internet visits. Bonus: I got Amanda to purchase those machine wash filters for the Center 🙂

  2. Robert Gehl

    It’s funny, ‘cuz the wicked worn look is not only hip in design, it’s hip in guitars. Fender makes guitars that are all beat up like they’ve been around for 50+ years, and people pay a FORTUNE to get ’em.