Class comments on Image Assignment

Cropping needs some work. Needs some head space.

A little more skin color on the hand coloring.

On vignette, and clean up stuff, a little lighter tones. Darkness lost some of the detail. The background needs to be lighter.

Tips from others (That I need to do to mine too):
Amanda’s horse – the background is a bit too flat. Needs a little variation or gaussian fading.
Michael’s patterns on the photo – There’s a tool in Photoshop that get’s rid of patterns, something to do with the blur tool.
Nona’s pictures – They just use a link to the image file that opens in a blank file. Maybe link it to an html file that centers the image, or makes the window just the same size as the image.
Kurt’s images – When an image is ‘blown out’ (there’s too much white, over exposed), copy the image to another layer and mess with the copies opacity, or do multiply.

Design Project:
This needs to depict a different era than what your final project is. Tie it a time and place. Design a complete look and feel. A front page only with some decent text. Create an identity. Make an impact. Kind of bring it all to a crecendo.

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