The accessibility of web sites

Each of the assigned articles are insightful. Although I have spent some time thinking about accessibility of websites, these sites provided some clues and suggestions on how to accommodate users with different disabilities.

Human Factors was a great way to hear how all of those websites that use a billion tables are really annoying to those who use screen readers.

The UK government site was also pretty enlightening on how various users with disabilities would view the demonstration site. Although I found the original site pretty hard to use even in the non-diabled mode.

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0 thoughts on “The accessibility of web sites

  1. Kathy

    I also liked the UK website. It was helpful to get a feel for how frustrating it is when you don’t see things the same way as everybody else. I am not at all sure that lowering the quality of a site for “normal” users is the best way to make it accessible to disabled users, but I do believe that we have to work to improve accessibility.