The architecht cometh…

I was at a funeral in Arizona all weekend and yesterday, and just got back to Fairfax at 3pm today. So I’m a little behind…. But my comments are coming.

The following are some comments on this weeks readings.

    These are great reminders when planning your links. I especially like the reminders about coding for those with color disabilities, and making the visited link a different color. I like those reminders, because I inevitable fail to remember them.
  • Boxes And Arrows
    This article makes plain the issues about visual organization of web pages. Favorite quote: “effective visual communication does not “speak” loudly. It quietly educates and guides the audience through the interface.”
  • Digital Web
    The rule of three, eh? The web is advertising, eh? Let’s continue the shortening of attention spans, eh?
  • Stop Design
    This article could have benefited with a list of the phases right after the initial introduction. As it is one is left wondering what they are, how many there are, and in what way one is to prepare one’s mind for the coming instruction.  Overall, though, the article was a great template for how to structure a project from inception to completion.
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