Comit it turns your mouth all green…

2 thoughts on “Comit it turns your mouth all green…

  1. Kurt


    I saw in your comment on Amanda’s blog that you do not own a TV. Do you have an Internet connection at home? Why one and not the other? In the future I suspect the lines between them will be completely blurred and your pledge to never own one will be moot. Just curious.


  2. Ammon

    I do have internet. Pretty much the only reason for that is because of work. My wife needs it for work, and I need it for work.

    That’s not to say a bunch of entertainment doesn’t happen with it, though.

    We also have DVD movies that we watch on the computer, so we’re not totally devoid of media entertainment.

    The issue for us is what, in the way of media, do we want to allow into our home that can influence us and our children. Honestly, there’s nothing on TV that is worth it for us to have one. Sure there are good educational programs, but we can provide just as much (quantity and quality) educational experience for our kids in other ways. We are also very cautious of what movies we watch. We’ve decided that movies with more than a PG-13 rating aren’t worth watching. The bad morals and inappropriate things shown in them aren’t worth the entertainment value they provide. Heck, many of the PG and G rated movies don’t have a whole lot of moral or entertainment value anymore (in my opionion).

    I agree that the lines between TV and internet will soon be blurred. ABC just announced they will have their shows available on their web site the day after they air. But I don’t think that affects our decision at all. We are selective in what we view on the internet anyway (there’s already stuff available on the web that is WAY worse than what you can get on TV or even movies).

    Anyhow, those are some good points.

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