Wanted – a Design Project

First off, I’d like to admit my inability to design. I’d much rather be given a blank text file and told to fill it with pretty code. I could spend hours (and often do) banging out some pretty php functions and what not. My brain hurts after trying to apply the other side…

I spent way too much time on finding the background for this site. I was looking for a piece of parchment to poach, but there was nothing I could see for free (as in cost and copyright). So I just decided to grab any ol’ image, and not worry about it, since my design page will probably disappear before any ill affects come from pilfering. But, lady luck was with me, and the image I wanted to use was available for free (both kinds) anyways. I hope I didn’t botch it too bad.

The theme I went with didn’t have much color to work with (no, Dr. I didn’t do that on purpose, it just happened that way). Black and brown were about all I had to work with. I wish I could have fit more images in there as well. Some of Remington’s paintings are just spectacular. (Do a search on the Library of Congress site for images by Frederic Remington. They’re pretty neat.)

Anyhow, here’s it is. My Design Project

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0 thoughts on “Wanted – a Design Project

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  2. Kurt


    I understand what you mean about spending way too much time looking for design elements. In my case the design evolved through out the week and I found that it is best to sit back and let that happen rather than stay married to a particular idea. It seems to take on a life of its own not unlike a plant that changes color as it grows. (What a nice spring / Easter metaphor — how sappy is that?). On the other hand watching that develop is actually my favorite part of the whole process. Trying this piece or that graphic and picturing something “looking” good in your mind only to say later “whoa that didn’t work!” And that better moment when you find something that unexpectedly just “fits.”

    I like your theme here and the fonts work well with it. Surely you must get some satisfaction from seeing those elements come together (yeah I know …your name’s not surely)