Myst, in German, means "poop"

That about sums up my experience with Myst.  I appreciate the thought of getting immersed in the game to learn about how it applies to teaching and learning.  But after spending over an hour trying to turn all of the squares in the elevator/fireplace red (because there’s no clue about what to do, so that’s what I figure you had to do) I quit playing it.

I’ll just fondly remember my days as a youth, anticipating the weekend where I could spend all Saturday playing Metroid on my old Nintendo (the first version).  That’s some gaming that I could get enveloped in.

So the question then becomes, how do we harness that ability to teach history. Or how can these principles be applied to teaching history in the digital age.  Well, now, that seems to be part of the quest we’ve set for ourselves, now hasn’t it.

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0 thoughts on “Myst, in German, means "poop"

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  2. amanda

    You, the web pro, did not enjoy the mockery the game made of you???
    I should think you could get through it just fine but there you have it. Proof of a bad game. Very few of us could enjoy the game on our own.
    A sure sign of a failure. SO…. HOW DO THEY SELL SO MANY?