I'm no good at design…

That’s why I enjoy this class. It helps me realize where all of my weaknesses are….

It’s here and ever changing…

The wife and I were up until 2am (just as Matt was heading off to work…) trying to pound out a good design.  She’s had many classes on design (for print, and other hard arts), so I trust her opinion.  She does really great at it.  When I showed her what I already had… she said it stunk.

So I made her design a site for me.  The mess you see is a result of frustration on my part (trying to get stuff to go where she said it needed to be) and that funny haze that covers your brain from lack of sleep.

Anyhow, despite her expertise, it doesn’t look all that good yet. But I’ve still got a week until the ultra final date of due-ness.

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