Web developer extension for firefox

0 thoughts on “Web developer extension for firefox

  1. Rob Gehl

    What does this thing do? Is it like Opera’s function to help developers validate?

  2. ammon

    It has a lot of tools that help out with development. Like it will outline all of the block level elements, resize the window to certain screen resolutions, show all of the element id’s and classes, measure stuff, and allow you to edit the CSS and HTML of any site (temporarily, not an actual change to the real file). And lots more that I haven’t played with yet.

  3. nona

    i like the airship behind your title font… nice addition. also where did you get the cool validation badges?

  4. Ammon

    Thanks. Again most of the nice additions are due to my wife’s well trained eye. The validation badges are mostly a spin off of other badges I’ve seen, or are the actual badges I’ve seen….. I added the X on the XHTML one, as could probably have been guessed. You are welcome to use them, or change the colors around as you please. I seem to recall there being a web site out there somewhere that would dynamically create them for you.