First meeting

I met with Mills to discuss the scope and hope of the project. Basically, I’m going to try to create a map and timeline interface for the website and the objects. When a user of the site selects the objects, they’ll be able to view them on a map and timeline. The initial thought is to use Google Maps and the Similie Timeline.

Mills also gave me a couple of books to read to help me understand the history of the fall of communism.  I’ll meet with Mills a couple of more times to discuss the books, and many more times after that (I’m sure) to discuss the progress of the maps and timelines.

I’m excited for this project/internship. Not only does it complete my MA in History, but it’s a great way to combine my love of history and web stuff.  Usually I spend a lot of time on the web stuff, and not much on the history side of things. I’m hoping I’ll have time to focus on some historical analysis and interpretation too.

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