Discussion of Stokes The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Why did communism fall?

Some points Mills and I discussed:

  • People were fed up with many aspects of life and began to support the dissidents.
  • Gorbachev began changes in the Soviet Union and allowed and encouraged changes in other communist countries.
  • Economic issues. All countries were in debt.
  • The government could no longer afford to support the fictional deal.
  • Regime supports the people with health care, housing, work, etc, and the people give up liberties. Once the basic needs were not being met, it was no longer worth living without liberties.
  • Reagan – noticed it was an economic issue and out spent the Soviets in the arms race.
  • Soviets and all countries just didn’t have he resources and money to support their ideals.

In regards to the website:

  • We talked about what kind of maps are available (GIS, Google, Flash).
  • Keep a national narrative.
  • Make the application personable. Users able to select their own sources and be able to view them geographically.
  • Also have sources which apply and are viewable under umbrella issues.
  • Students should have the ability to select their own sources and view those sources on a map.
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