Aaaargh…. maps.

Well, all of my time tonight was spent on drawing and re-drawing most of the country outlines in order to get the effects that I want. I didn’t get much done on progression of the movie/intro, but I figured a few things out… Like draw with the paint brush instead of the pencil.

I went to a meeting with Mills and others about the ‘tools’ for the 1989 project. The part that applied to me, is a better and distinct idea of what my project will do. It is three parts:

  1. Create a flash movie (the very thing I’m working on), that depicts certain key events that led to the fall of communism. This will have the main purposes of presenting the events on a map and time line so that students can get better place the events in time and place. The movie will also show how the movement to end communism started in the north and moved south. This movie will just be an intro, available as a resource.
  2. The second part of the project (the internship) is to create a way to display the objects that a student has selected as their ‘My Favorites’ on a map and/or time line.  There are some key technical issues that must be addressed before this can really happen. Firstly, none of the objects in the database have geo-codes associated with them.  Secondly, the code/program that is going to be used is not finished yet, and won’t be until the summer. So that means this part of the project will be a simple page that pulls data from the database and plots it on a map. More a proof of concept, than a working prototype.
  3. The last part is to create a map (either an image map, a flash map, or something like that) for navigation and searching the database. When a country is clicked on, all objects in the database associated with that country are returned. Using Flash would enable the user to zoom in on a country and select a city or something.

Anyhow, here’s the newest version of the 1989 intro movie.

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