Getting it to work.

I’m finally getting somewhere with the Yahoo/Flash map. The latest is always viewable at Tonight I worked on getting the title and description to show up nice. The description is usually really long, so I found a php function that truncates it (without cutting of mid-word), and adds an elipse to show more text. I also figured out how to add html links to the xml data. There’s apparently a couple of different ways. I opted to have the first < in the a tag be written in as &lt ; (the HTML entity). That did the trick. Now the marker has a link to see the whole of the data. This should be a link back to the page that’s part of the real site (in Omeka).

Another idea: Add the ability in the admin side of things, to select an item, and then enter the geocodes for that item by clicking on the map in the appropriate spot. Flickr does something like that. It would make it really easy for admins to enter the geocodes.

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