xml, and lots of time.

Back again. Only two weeks left of school.

I spent the past two days trying to work XML into the picture for the time line aspect. The thought was, if all of the data for the ‘flash point’ or points of the events of 1989 were kept in an xml file, the the flash could dynamically add them in at the right place and time.  I can bring in the xml data, but I can’t get it to display the correct information for each event. It always shows the last events data. I have a for loop to grab all of the data from the xml file, then it attaches the ‘flash point’ movie clip in the correct place. Then I assign an onRollOver and onRollOut to that movie clip (dynamically named). But the onRollOver just holds the data from the last element in the xml instead of each attached movie clip holding the data for it’s respective event.

This would be really cool to do, because then to add or remove events from the timeline, just edit the xml file.  The xml filed could even theoretically pull the data in from the database, making so that each person can have their own specific timeline.  That would be way cool. But it unfortunately seems a bit beyond me. The other obstacle is about the time aspect. How can I get the flash point to show up at the right time. I’d have to come up with a bunch of mathematical voodo on where the timeline bar is (the _x position on the stage) and the percentage left and compare that with the date of the event somehow. Aargh! Way too confusing for my feeble brain.

I’ll just have to do the easy hard code the events into the timeline. Anyhow, here’s what I have so far on the intro/timeline (which, I’m realizing, I’ll need to have a front page where you select which one you want to view, or have them separate instead of one after the other). Version (or something like that)

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