Making progress

I took out the audio from the intro because it just wasn’t working. Perhaps a voice recording about the fall of communism would be better.

I worked on the timeline a lot the past couple of days. It took many, many attempts to finally get the dot that represents an event to look nice. Fifteenth times a charm, they say! I also have the events coming in by year, month, and day. There’s probably an easy way to do that with actionscript, but I couldn’t think of it. So instead I have a layer for the years, divided into the three years (1987-1989). Then another layer for the months. Each of the three years gets it’s own set of months. Then a third layer for days (1-31, depending on how many days in the month). The days layer only has frames for November and March of 1989, when most of the events happened. So, on each section of frames I wrote a variable like theYear, theMonth, and theDay in the actionscript. This variable is then checked for in the main actionscript, and matched against the events day, month, year before it is allowed to be displayed.

It works pretty well, except for the 1989 events for December. The all show up at the same time. So, now I have to fix that, and add another 40+ coordinates to the xml file by deciding where it is located, finding the x, y coords, then typing it into the xml file.

Anyhow, here’s the latest and greatest Intro_Timeline

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