The MA is done, but the map is not….

I just turned in my last thing for the MA! I’m a Master! I do the commencement and walking and stuff tomorrow night.

Well, I showed the Yahoo Map and the Flash movie to the 1989 group. They really liked it, but as is always the case, there are some very good suggestions for improvement. And since I have a vested interest in the project (my academic research interests are all about this topic), and since I’m pretty much the only one at work who can do this stuff, I will be continuing the project until it’s completion.

Some suggestions and modifications are:

  • Move the text out of the Flash and into the html. This makes it available to search engines and styling.
  • Have the timeline only be for 1989, and put tick marks, or some other designator for months on the bar.
  • Change the fading of countries. Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Yugoslavia should not fade out.
  • Change Soviet Union to Russia, and outline or shade the Yugoslavia and Soviet Union groups to show they are a group.
  • Take out the events for China.
  • For the yahoo Map: recenter the map on marker click, and take out the word wrapping.

So here’s the latest version of the Flash movie. 1989events

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