History of Google's logo and goodbye to Polaroid

Wired has a neat little article/slideshow depicting the process of designing the Google logo. It’s interesting to see the first design compared to the last (current) design, and how similar they are.

Along with this article, take a look at Google’s archive of past logos for holidays and other events. It might be worth a look into the different holidays and events that are portrayed by Google’s logo.

Also, on a sad note, a bit of technology fades into history. The Polaroid instant photos have been discontinued (over the course of the past two years). The thrill of an instant photo was one of my child hood memories. Something my children won’t have. Now we we’d have to truck along a printer to get the same instantaneousness.

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0 thoughts on “History of Google's logo and goodbye to Polaroid

  1. Arkonbey

    “we’d have to truck along a printer to get the same instantaneousness.”

    I disagree. The instantaneousness is achieved by a ritual I find very annoying: the turning of the digital camera to show the subject of the photo the screen showing the photo that was taken of them mere seconds earlier.

    Whenever someone does that to me, I say “no, I don’t need to see it, I was actually there”

    I usually prefer film, but I used to use Polaroids for drawing references; very expensive! My old, cheapo low-megapixel digital camera works just fine for taking pictures of models for art.