Weekly Tips, Tricks, Gadgets, and Goodies #1

I think I’ll try and start a weekly tips, tricks, gadgets and goodies post. It will cover the neat-o things in the tech world that I come across during the week that don’t have a whole lot to do with history, but are fun nay-the-less.

Tip #1: Custom Leopard stacks and drawer images
Tutorial for customizing your stacks icons.

make a new folder, name it “0000” for sorting by name, or “touch -mt 2020010101 foldername” for sorting by date added.
copy the image from Get Info, paste int onto the Get Info for the new folder.

Add your own image to your drawer using the steps shown here at usingmac.com.

And you get something like above.

Goody #1: Geotag your photos
Check out the Geotag application which is helpful for spatially locating your great photographs when your camera has no GPS built in.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Tips, Tricks, Gadgets, and Goodies #1

  1. jscheinf

    Hi Ammon,

    Love the new look and the new “tips” feature. I’m definitely going to try the custom stacks thing.