MediaWiki’s version information

I spent way too long looking for MediaWiki’s version information. Most applications store the version info in a file or in the database. MediaWiki is a HUGE mess of code and database. I finally found it in a file. It’s in includes/DefaultSettings.php and is stored as a variable – wgVersion.  This is for post 1.3.7 versions of MediaWiki, perhaps even earlier versions.

I write this here because no amount of searching turned up this information. I found it through a series of lucky greps. So, to help out in Google searches:

where is MediaWiki’s version information stored?

locate MediaWiki’s version info

MediaWiki version file

MediaWiki version info

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8 thoughts on “MediaWiki’s version information

  1. Max

    Oh, and apparently there’s a special page (Special:version) that makes it even easier if the wiki is still running.

    1. ammon

      Yeah, that’s the easiest way to find it. I needed it to come from a hard file, though, because I wrote a script that finds all of the mediaWiki installs on my server and I wanted to know what version they were running. It’s much easier to parse that out of a file, than it is to make a connection to the database and grab that info from a table.

  2. DeQuincy A. Lezine

    Thanks for the tip on finding the MediaWiki Version number. I also like your tagline about history happening every yesterday. Thanks again.

  3. pingou

    Merci beaucoup pour l’info…
    Tes phrases clés google ont bien marchés!!!
    (thx a lot for the info)
    (your key’s sentenses worked very good!!!!!)

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