Other Sheep

I read today in John chapter 10, perhaps the most convincing evidence of the Book of Mormon. John 10: 16 is where Jesus speaks about other sheep he has which are not of the fold of the Jews. Very clearly Jesus states that there are other groups of people that believe on him. Very clearly he states that he will visit these people personally. Very clearly he states that one day all people will be united under him.

There is much I could say, but have not the time. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Written by inspired prophets and followers of Jesus Christ. How can it be denied for other people throughout the whole history of the world what was given to the Jews. If a people believe so strongly on Jesus Christ, would he not lead and guide them with prophets? He gave the people of Israel Moses, Abraham, Isaiah, and many, many others.

There were other groups of people who believed in Jesus Christ. They were given prophets to testify, lead, and officiate. One of these groups of people were decendants of Jews from Jerusalem. A prophet at Jerusalem, around 600 B.C., was commanded to take his family and others and leave Jerusalem. They were guided to America. Their decendants were part of a great nation that at times believed and other times fell away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After Christ’s resurrection, he visited these people, called twelve apostles and healed and blessed them, as he had at Jerusalem.

Why is it so hard to believe that Jesus would visit other people, set up his church among them and instruct them to write? Why is it so hard to believe that the writings of these people are scriptures, when they clearly and directly testify and clarify the word of God? They explain in greater detail and with more spirit the truth about Jesus Christ. Are you like the Pharisees who could not believe Jesus was the Son of God, even though they personally witnessed the miracles?

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