Sunday lessons

I’m just going to comment on a few things I learned yesterday at Church.

1. In Sunday School, our teacher started in on the war chapters of Alma. One thing she mentioned (well, actually reiterated again and again) is that the main purpose of the Book of Mormon is to teach us about Christ, the Fall, Atonement and Resurrection. Everything in the Book of Mormon is there to teach us about those three things, mainly about Christ. So Moroni’s story, of strengthening the weakest cities, of raising the title of liberty, of fighting the Lamanites, is all about how we can gain a testimony about Christ. I’d like to take this thought as a scripture study idea. Look at each chapter in the Book of Mormon and see how it tells about the Fall, Atonement, Resurrection, or some other aspect of Jesus Christ or his Gospel.

2. I need to do much better at getting to know the Elders in the Quorum, to interview them often and find out how they are doing, their families are doing, and how their home teaching families are doing. That should be my main concern.

3. A High Council man spoke in our Sacrament meeting. He used several stories to show how we need to look after the individual members of the Ward. There was one in particular that spoke to me, but I can’t remember it now… I’ll need to contact the Brother and get a copy of the talk or something.

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