He will save the day

Today was Fast Sunday for us, since Stake Conference is next Sunday. Jonas was sitting next to me, and when there was a lull in people bearing testimony I asked Jonas if he wanted to go. He got quiet and solemn. I could tell he wanted to, but was a bit afraid. When the next lull came, I gave him a nudge. He jumped up and walked up to the podium (we sit on the third row back, so it wasn’t that far away). He stood there for a second or two, trying to think about what to say. He then looked out at the congregation and got real sacred. He looked at me with the beginning of tears in his eyes and motioned for me to come help. I went up there and told him to say he loves his family and Jesus. He did so in a quiet and somewhat shaky voice. Before he could run off, I told him to close in the name of Jesus Christ. He did so, and then came to get a big hug and comfort. Another boy bore his testimony, and then I bore mine as well.

As I did so I realized that the experience Jonas and I just had was an allegory of our relationship with God. I bore this as my testimony:

I had prompted Jonas to do something important. Then at the proper time, I gave him a little nudge in reminder. He immediately went to do it. While trying to do what he was supposed to, he found that he did not have the ability to do it himself. He asked his father for help. His father rushed to his aid and helped him complete his task.

God is always preparing us for important things to do, to help His kingdom roll forward. At the proper time He gives us a nudge. We can choose to be like Jonas and immediately go and do what we know we should. He showed me the scripture in real life, that we should all become “as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.” [Mosiah 3: 19] Jonas was submissive and humble and willing to submit to the thing I wanted him to do (bear his testimony). We must be submissive and humbe and willing to submit to the Lord. When we do so, we may find ourselves in a situation that we can’t finish or complete by ourselves. We can give up, be discouraged or frustrated, or, like Jonas, we can look earnestly to our Father and plead for help. And He will come rushing in to save the day.

I love Jonas. He is a wonder boy, full of love and a great desire to do what is right. He teaches me often through such great examples.

As an epilogue, later in the meeting I commented to Jonas how great it was that he could get up there to bear his testimony, and how scary it can be. He replied almost in a huff and slightly under his breath, “they weren’t all supposed to be looking at me.” Well, my son, they always will be. You will be a strong and upright example for many many people. Point them to Christ and you need not fear.

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