No More Evil 2

[Study from May 5, 2008]

Here are a few scriptures pertaining to the desire to have no more disposition to do evil.

Mosiah 5: 2 – “no more disposition to do evil, but to do good…” You can’t just get rid of something, but it must be replaced. So, to get rid of bad thoughts, they must be replaced with good. To get rid of evil actions and intents, they must be replaced with righteous ones. Bad habits can not just be stopped, but must be replaced with good habits. The people that King Benjamin spoke to first heard the Gospel, then they believed it. The Spirit bore testimony and changed them, or the Spirit was a catalyst in their changing.

Alma 19: 33 – Ammon teaches Lamoni and his people. They experience an overpowering of the Spirit, through which their hearts are changed and they desire evil no more. So studying the Gospel, listening to the prophets, and letting the Spirit work in us helps us to have a change of heart.

Alma 13:12 – Alma speaks to the people in Ammoniahah after the episode with Zeezrom. He explains about those who have the higher priesthood. They were first sanctified by the Spirit, then they saw sin with abhorance.

Alma 5: 14 – Alma preaches in Zarahemla. He preaches about having God’s countenance in ours and asks if we have had that mighty change.

Alma 5: 12 – Alma shows that a change of heart comes through faith.

So far we see that the Holy Spirit has a great part in our having no more disposition to do evil. We hear and study the word of God and the Spirit works in us a mighty change.

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