No More Evil 3

More scriptures to help me get rid of evil tendencies.

Alma 37: 29 РAlma teaches Helaman to keep the secret plans and oaths of the devil from the people, but teach the people their wickedness so that they will abhor such wickedness.  Helaman is instructed to help the people remember the wickedness they and others have done, so that they will not want to do it themselves. So we should not focus on, or try to learn how wicked things are done, but instead focus on the consequences of wicked actions. With a knowledge of the true consequences of participating in an action, it is more likely that a wise choice will be made.

2 Nephi 4: 31 – Nephi, the righteous prophet, seer of all that God has to show, asks that his soul be redeemed, that he be caused to shake at the appearance of sin.

2 Nephi 9: 49 – Nephi’s soul abhors sin by praising Gd and delighting in righteousness. How do we delight in righteousness? It is what we focus on, what we are entertained by, etc.

Alma 37: 32-33 – Helaman is to teach the people to hate sin and iniquity, but not to hate the people who do it. To teach them to hate sin, Helaman is to focus on teaching the people about repentance, faith in Jesus Christ, humility, meekness, and to face temptations with faith in Jesus Christ.

3 Nephi 20:26 – Christ is sent by Heavenly Father to bless us in our turning away from iniquities.

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