No More Evil 6

This is the last in a series of scriptures that discuss how to get evil out of heart, mind and soul, and thereby out of our actions, which is a process for perfection.

Romans 7 – Paul talks about a persons desire to do evil even though he knows the spiritual law from God requires to be good. Verses 15-21 talk about Paul wanting to do good, but finding that he continually does evil. There is a battle within himself. He knows what he should do, but ends up not doing it. He is on par with Nephi, it seems in verse 24. (see the Joseph Smith Translation of Romans 7: 5-27 for a more correct and understandable version.  Here Paul is contending the law of Christ against the law of Moses, it seems, and the law of Christ is what should be followed, but habitually he follows the law of Moses. This he laments, knowing that he should be following the higher law of Christ.)

Romans 8 – This chapter is Paul’s words about the natrual versus the spiritual man, the contention within ourselves to denegrate and become as beasts following natural desires and appetites, or to elevate and desire only the welfare of others and become more like Christ.

Romans 8: 5 – If you are focused on worldly, natural, carnal things, then that is what you are. If you want to be more spiritual, then focus on those things.

Romans 8: 6 – Paul and Nephi were on the same wavelength (well, literally, they received their knowledge from the same source, see 2 Nephi 9: 38).

Romans 8: 11 – The power used for the Resurrection has power to chane our mortal bodies. Our physical bodies can be changed, as well as our desires and hearts.

Romans 8: 13-14 – Following the desires of the flesh, the carnal, sensual, bodily appetites, leads to spiritual death. Following the Spirit leads to spiritual life.

Some Closing Thoughts:

Some closing thoughts on how to have no disposition to do eil and have virtue garnish your thoughts.

  1. Firstly, rely on the Savior. Have an AHA! moment. Apply His Atonement. Desire and plead for His grace (which is the enabling power).
  2. Something good must replace the bad. Memorize scriptures, sing hymns, think about missionary work, say a prayer, etc.
  3. Remember the consequences of evil actions
  4. Have a sincere desire in your heart to overcome. Do this by: trusting in the Lord and acknowledging His part in your life; pay tithing; take the counsel of God.
  5. Mercy and truth are anathema to iniquity.
  6. Focus on the thing you want most.
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