No longer servants, but sons

Jesus is the gateway

Jesus is the gateway

In Galations chapter 4, Paul talks of our relationship with God because of Jesus Christ. I don’t get much of it, but it sounds like, in verses 4-7, that initially our relationship with God was that of master and servant. One of the blessed roles of Jesus Christ was to create a new relationship for us with God. In that He was the litteral son of God, born of a woman, He is (hu)man, but is also heir to God’s kingdom. This changes our relationship with God also from one of servant, to one of adopted son or daughter. In verses 1-2, Paul says that adopted sons and daughters hold the same promis as literal sons and daughters, they are heirs as well, and only need go through the “tutor[ing] and govern[ing] until the time appointed of the father.” In verse 7, Paul says that we are “no more a servant, but a son” and if we are a son, then we are also an heir “through Christ.”

So, yet another way to be very grateful to, to praise and give thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. For without Him or relationship with God would be that of servant instead of adopted son or daughter and not an heir to His kingdom. In yet another way, Jesus is the Gateway to God.

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