Seminary Lessons. John 14-17

Another Seminary lesson.

John chaptes 14-17.

Two Comforters

Jesus speaks of two comforters. Who are they? John 14: 15-27 shows that they are the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ himself. Jesus gives the following promises in these verses.

  1. v. 16 – Christ prays for us that he will be with us
  2. v. 17 – Christ shall dwell with and in us
  3. v. 18 – Christ will not leave us comfortless (This from the man who was left completely and entirely alone for a time as he completed the Atonement.)
  4. v. 19 – Christ sees us and we live because of His Atonement.
  5. v. 20 – We shall know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
  6. v. 21 – We shall be loved of the Father and Jesus will show himself to us
  7. v. 26 – The Holy Ghost will teach all things and bring all things to remembrance
  8. v. 27 – We can have peace through Jesus Christ.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote:

“These statements about the two Comforters climax and crown the teachings of the Son of God. We have no record of anything he ever said which can so completely withdraw the curtain of eternity and open to the faithful a vision of the glories of God. Based on love, born of obedience, Jesus promises the saints that they can have, here and now in this life, the following:

(1) The gift and constant companionship of the Holy Ghost; the comfort and peace which it is the function of that Holy Spirit to bestow; the revelation and the sanctifying power which alone will prepare men for the companionship of gods and angels hereafter;

(2) Personal visitations from the Second Comforter, the Lord Jesus Christ himself, the resurrected and perfected being who dwells with his Father in the mansions on high; and

(3) God the Father… shall visit man in person, take up his abode with him, as it were, and reveal to  him all the hidden mysteries of his kingdom” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:735).

Jesus should be the source of our power.

How are we like the tool and the plant? The tool must be plugged in to work, the plant must have roots to grow. We must be “plugged in” to Jesus Christ in order to do the work we were made to do. We receive our nurishment through Jesus Christ.

John 15: 1-8. What do the following symbols represent?

  • grapevine (v. 1)
  • husbandmen (v. 1)
  • branches (v. 2)
  • fruit (v. 2)
  • withered branches (v. 6)

What can we learn?

Jesus as Intercessor

  • What is an advocate?
  • In a court, what role do the following people play: defendant, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, jury
  • In life, who are those characters?

John 17. Jesus pleads to be our defense attorney.

  • v. 11 – He asks to keep us in Heavenly Father’s name, be one with Jesus as he is with the Father
  • v. 13 – He desires a fulfillment of our joy
  • v. 15 – He seeks to keep us from evil
  • v. 17 – He wishes to sanctify us through truth
  • v. 21 – He asks that we may be one with him
  • v. 22 – He wants us to receive his glory
  • v. 23 – He prays that we may be made perfect through him
  • v. 24 – He prays that we can be where he is, and with his glory
  • v. 26 – He prays that we can receive Heavenly Father’s name and that his love will be in us.
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