Seminary Lessons. John 20-21

John chapters 20-21

In this lesson, I hoped the students would:

  • gain (or strengthen) a testimony of the resurrected Jesus
  • commit to follow Jesus by “feeding” his “sheep”

Three Levels of Knowledge


John gives examples that show three levels of knowledge about our resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ. These examples show what evidence was given to certain people in order that they might believe and know that Jesus was resurrected.

  1. John 20: 1-10 – Certain apostles are confronted with an empty tomb. This is enough for them to realize and believe that Jesus is resurrected.
  2. John 20: 11-18 – Jesus shows himself to Mary. She believes and knows Jesus is resurrected.
  3. John 20: 19-29 – Jesus shows himself to the apostles and to Thomas. They touch him and feel that he is resurrected.

These examples show three different levels of knowledge and faith about the resurrection of Jesus. The first level need only a small sign, and quick prick of rememberance to believe. The second level need to see to believe. The third level need to feel and see.

John 20: 29 – Why is it better to believe without seeing or feeling? How will we approach trials and hard choices when we have a believing-while-not-seeing attidute?

Enthusiasm to Follow

John 21: 1-7 – Peter shows his great enthusiasm to follow the Savior by jumping from the boat and swimming ashore in order to reach Jesus more quickly. We should also cultivate such a desire to serve Jesus.

John 21: 3, 6 teach us that when we listen to and follow Jesus’ counsel we will be significantly more blessed than when we rely on our own strength.

Ewe and her lamb

Ewe and her lamb

John 21: 15-17 – What does Jesus mean by asking Peter to feed his sheep?

Why ask three times? Jesus refers to his children, his youth, and his adults.

What are some ways that we can feed his sheep?

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