TTC#7 – thou shalt not commit adultery

The seventh commandment is another one dealing with the relationship between humans.

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law was married. The sealer who performed the marriage made a comment about this commandment. He said that if this one single commandment were kept, there would not be so much evil and wrong in the world.  He said most of the problems with society can be traced back to the lack of people keeping this commandment.

Jesus, in speaking to the Nephites, takes this commandment to a higher level. He says that if you even look at another to lust after them, you have committed adultery in your heart. Not only should we not act, but we should stay away from letting those thoughts into our heart.

Satan wants to destroy our ability to progress. He wants to distort and pervert the things we have that he does not. Two things Satan can not have, due to his rebellion, are a family and a body. Looking at American society now, we can see that the body and the family are under attack. People are trying hard to re-define what a family is, couching it in terms of social and personal justice and choice. Some equate the fight against the traditional definition of family with the civil rights movements of the African-Americans. Perhaps a better comparison is to equate it with the fight against Prohibition in the 1920’s. I digress… In today’s society, the family is less about mother, father and children as a unit of progression and love, it seems. People emphasize the individual and have a hard time thinking about others. A central purpose of families is to make you think about others and not yourself. Perhaps the main reason people commit adultery is because of selfishness. They think only of their own desires, wants and needs. Instead of putting forth the hard effort of working out issues with a spouse, they seek the quick and easy way out. But that only leads to more trouble.

Satan also can never have a physical body. Because of this, he does everything he can to make people misuse their bodies. Our society is so infatuated with sensual things. Just look at what our society focuses on. In the movies and T.V. there seems to always be a reference to sex, if not full out portrayal of it. Magazines and music, books and just about every form of entertainment seems to incorporate the carnal side of sex. This is just what Satan wants. If he can get people so focused on sex, if he can make it so mainstream and common place, then people will have no problem abusing it.

So what happens when this commandment is obeyed. First of all, the family remains intact. Fathers and mothers love each other and are faithful. There are numerous studies that show that children without a stable family life don’t do as well as those with a stable family. I’m sure you can pick any number of people you know and find how that is true. How many fights, wars, and deaths have been the result of breaking this commandment? Those would all be done away with. There would be no prostituting of bodies in order to make money, or in the name of “art” or entertainment. Our Hollywood stars seem more like porn stars than actors and actresses. Anyhow, a lot of good would come from keeping this commandment.

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