Python, Trac, virtualenv and CentOS

I’ve just spent too much time figuring this out. I’ve had to piece it together from many other sites.

I need to set up Trac .12 on CentOS 5, but want to do that without interfering with the current setup of Trac and Subversion on the system.

So in comes virtualenv. This allows you to create a virtual environment for python. Like a separate install. The beauty is, once this is set up you can install different versions of python packages (like Trac and Subversion) that don’t have to interact with each other.

To install virtualenv was pretty simple. With root permissions do

Now, as your normal user, you can install a virtual environment.

This will create a new folder called foo with a virtual environment for python. It won’t reference any of the other installed python packages (like the old Trac version).

Now upgrade the Genshi package with

Then, to install Trac do

That’s the part that always hung me up. I would just do easy_install Trac  which would cough up this ugly error:

Notice the last line referencing a version conflict with the “old” Genshi at /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages. That’s the system-wide default install. So making explicit that you want to install Trac==0.12 is the way to get it installed in a virtual environment.

Now I just need to figure out how to configure Trac and Subversion using this virtual environment, and copy over a live older version of each.

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One thought on “Python, Trac, virtualenv and CentOS

  1. akzidenzgrotesk

    maybe you should mention to switch to the virtualenv before install trac by
    source bin/activate

    otherwise you just install trac to the normal system path

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