That’s me, Ammon Shepherd. I am working on my PhD in History at George Mason University, which is available at NaziTunnels.org. I am the Associate Director of Technology at the Center for History and New Media, part of the History & Art History Department at GMU.

This site is kind of broken into three areas, as this is basically how I see myself, divided into three areas of life; work, school, and the rest (which includes religion and family). I think all three of these areas are what make me me, so they should be all taken in together. My academic work is influenced by the technical work, which is in turn affected by my personal and religious life.

Academic: Since I’ve spent so much time, money and effort on becoming an historian, I figure this will be the bulk of my postings. Most of the academic posts are about things of historical interest, or rather interest to historians, that I find on the web. I have also blogged about the process of going through the PhD program (but alas, in not much detail). I think technology has a lot to offer in the way of historical research, knowledge dissemination and collaboration. That’s what my dissertation will be addressing (see NaziTunnels.org).

Technical: I work for a living and to put myself through school. I’m a techie. I manage the technical needs for the Center. I’m a systems administrator with over 10 years of experience running web, database, and file servers. I’ve also dabbled in web design, production, and management (whatever that means, I build and repair websites, I guess). I know PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, BASH, and working on learning Perl, Python and whatever else fits the bill. I’ve worked with Windows (95, XP, 7), MacOS, and Linux (your major RedHat and Debian and their derivatives). I also work on the hardware, setting up and managing the Centers 20+ servers and over 150 faculty and staff computers and other equipment. I think it’s a perfect job for becoming an historian. 🙂

Personal and Theological: I’m deeply religious, but not overtly so. I love to talk about religion and theology, but I most likely won’t bring it up in person. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m happily married and have five kids (boy, girl, boy, boy, girl). This is my attempt to follow Russell Ballard’s admonition to share the gospel using the ‘new media’ available to us today. If you’re interested in reading my personal study notes, and ideas from learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then I’m interested in your comments and ideas too. Drop me a note or a question, and I’ll respond.