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The greatest minds went river boarding.

When I was in high school, my friends and I would go down to the Salt River, tie one end of a ski rope to a tree, and the other end to our home made river boards. These were generally three foot diameter circular pieces of plywood, carefully and lovingly designed, painted and created by […]

Evolution and history of the computer interface, Macintosh style.

Appleinsider is my go to source for Mac news. What I really like about their articles are the in depth, historical explanations of Mac’s new OS features. Some places just tell you what’s new, but appleinsider gives you the background and history of what led to this change or feature. It’s really pretty nifty. Here […]

Slashdot's history

Something I’ve wondered, and even dreamed of doing, has just been done. Slashdot is ten years old this year, and one of the creators has written a short history, part 1, of the creation.


I had the need once again to dump only certain tables from a database, instead of all 100+ tables. This was where I had a database with about 5-8 wordpress installs. I wanted to backup all of the tables for only one install. There is a way with mysqldump to do this, by listing out […]

History of special effects.

Who doesn’t love a good special effects movie? Of course, when you can’t tell that there are special effects, that’s when you know it’s a good movie. I stumbled upon this article at, that describes the beginnings of Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ personal special effects company, makers of all cool films (especially […]

A different history of computers and Linux

Wow, two posts in a day… I just skimmed through this interview with Con Kolivas a major Linux kernel developer who has quite the Linux development world in frustration. What caught my attention was his ‘history’ of computers. His recollection of the computers history is truly different than I had ever learned or thought of. […]

Timeplot and Exhibit

The folks over at MIT’s SIMILE have two new projects that are just mindbogglingly awesome. I used the Timeline Project for my research project a few semesters ago about World War II. Now they have a new time line type tool called Timeplot. This project uses a plot graph to display numerical data along with […]

The history of a software application

While doing some work today I stumbled upon a bit of history. The author calls it a story, but that’s what history is, right? Anyhow, it’s a very entertaining and enthralling look at the birth and death (or retirement) of a software program. It provides a lot of insight into the process of making an […]

I'm alive… really, I am…

Not that anyone reads this with any regularity (made impossible by my irregular postings)…. I stumbled upon this cool video explaining “Web 2.0” from (I hate buzz words, and Web 2.0 is a huge bloated, overused, ugly buzz word. Oh well..) Anyhow, it’s really cool… (If it doesn’t show up, here’s the link.)