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Research Trip!

Not quite the same feeling and fun as a road trip, but fun enough. Yeah, archive work! Yeah, Germany! Yeah, yeah archive work in Germany! So I just spent the last two weeks in Germany (by myself, not so yeah) doing some archival research for the dissertation. Here are some thoughts on the trip. 1. […]

German Sonderweg

This is an essay I wrote for a Directed Readings course in Fall 2009, with Marion Deshmukh. The Sonderweg of German History Before 1940s there was a positive Sonderweg thesis that promoted favorably the differences of Germany from other Western nations.[1] This is similar to what every nation does, showing their best side, why they […]

Graduate Research Paper

Not that I really have time to blog as I do it, but… I feel like I need to do something historical here… So why not. So this is my last class before embarking on my dissertation. The Graduate Research Seminar should hopefully tie up any loose knots in our historical writing abilities. It’s a […]

Nazis in the news

Nazi history is always a good way to sell news, and get people to read. A few Nazi related items came up in the news lately. From the we have some never before seen photographs of Hitler. From the article: “The colour pictures come from the collection of Hugo Jaeger, Hitler’s personal photographer, who […]

Nazi board games

Another rare double-day post. I heard this on a PRI show “The World”. From the site: “The World’s Clark Boyd tells us about an auction taking place tomorrow in Britain. Some of the items up for bid are children’s board games made in Nazi Germany.” The seller has to sell them in Britain because Nazi […]