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The Past in Color

This weeks installment of history found on the web includes links to a few sites with something special. Color photographs from the early days of color photography. Color somehow brings a photograph to more life, adds more detail, and helps get a better understanding of the time period. Sure you can see the style of […]

Many Mechanical Machines

Back again with another roundup of websites promoting some history. This weeks focus is on the computers and other machines. Technologizer has come through in the past year or so with some really fun looks at technology of the past. Here are three: It’s amazing how ugly and non-functional computers were in the early stages. […]

History's equation

I had moment of early morning, jump out of bed and write it down, inspiration the other day. It was the equation of history. The Present = (Past Realities) + (Hopes for the Future) The present, in very simple terms, is a combination of things that have already happened and what is hoped to happen […]

Graduate Research Paper

Not that I really have time to blog as I do it, but… I feel like I need to do something historical here… So why not. So this is my last class before embarking on my dissertation. The Graduate Research Seminar should hopefully tie up any loose knots in our historical writing abilities. It’s a […]

Poster Session at the History of Ed

At the beginning of the year I was asked to participate in a poster session for the History of Education Society’s Annual Meeting. I have done a few things with maps, so I was asked to share resources and ideas for using maps with teaching history. Not too many people came by, so I only […]

40th anniversary of the moon landing

What space junky, almost historian, geek would I be without posting a little bit about some of the best type of history in existence. I refer, of course, to the history of man’s endeavors to explore space. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step on a celestial […]

Nazis in the news

Nazi history is always a good way to sell news, and get people to read. A few Nazi related items came up in the news lately. From the we have some never before seen photographs of Hitler. From the article: “The colour pictures come from the collection of Hugo Jaeger, Hitler’s personal photographer, who […]

Andrews AFB Airshow

Probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The F-22 flew over our heads, virtually within spitting distance it seemed. The maneuverability of this aircraft was absolutely amazing.

Blast from the past

What I have for you this week are just a few websites that give us access to the past, an historical artifact that uncovers a mystery, and some new ways to do timelines. A great resource, hopefully, for scholars. From their website…. “The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge […]

The history of abandoned things

I came across the site Artificial Owl this week. Artificial Owl finds images of long forgotten, man-made objects, locates them on a map and tells a bit of the story behind the object if possible. I was initially struck by the beautiful images of buildings, ships, airplanes, and automobiles left to deteriorate and crumble back […]