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Comments made on other class members posts.

critique of site… The last day of class!

Organization: description of links needs to be much more clear. about link = needs to be about the site, not about zeppelin booklet = going to by one research = change to resources Keep an about about the site…. Visual communication: consistent… blob on the upper left corner, remove, replace with a different image, bump […]

Class comments on Image Assignment

Cropping needs some work. Needs some head space. A little more skin color on the hand coloring. On vignette, and clean up stuff, a little lighter tones. Darkness lost some of the detail. The background needs to be lighter. Tips from others (That I need to do to mine too): Amanda’s horse – the background […]

A touching image of man and cat

Reconstructing the cat and man image: -Take a good look up close and see what you have. – scratches are not a job for the healing brush, use the stamp tool. – healing brush for spots. – come at a big spot with the rubber stamp tool (it takes a sampe and stamps it exactly) […]

Class notes on Photoshop

These notes are good for line drawings… Problems with old lithographs, wood carvings, line drawings…. – foxing: discoloration due to mildue, etc. – yellowing of paper – creases, folds, etc. Things to try (tying to get rid of the background color): – crop the image and put it on a layer. – Auto color, see […]

Critique of typography project

Here are some notes I’ve taken during the critique of my project. Well…. I got shafted because it was done so late…. I’ve been given a second chance. Make it look better by next week. To Do: * No footnote on the sub header.

A better world, without IE

Looking closely at the CSS for the typography project…. The class example shows some good stuff (the css). Here’s some CSS tips and points to remember: To get IE to float properly, use a text-align: center in the body and then text-align: left/right/whatever where needed. Set the min-width in the body to prevent failures in […]


Class discussion on February 7, 2006. Big deal about footnotes? Scholars love them, and need them. Web people don’t want them, or think they are needed. They want to come up with a different way: links, sidebars, and such. Tonight, we learn how to put good ol’ footnotes in the text, so they look good. […]