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TTC #5 – Honour thy Father and Mother

Exodus 20: 12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. This is the first commandment with a promise or consequence for following it (previous ones had consequences for NOT following). If you honor your parents you will live a long […]

TTC #4 – Keep the Sabbath day holy

So, the 4th Commandment, the Sabbath day. This is perhaps my biggest pet-peeve about the Christian world. Everyone who claims to be a Christian should follow and obey the Ten Commandments. Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. […]

The Doctrine of Christ

I read 2 Nephi chapter 31 recently, and was struck by the simple and pure and direct way it explains the doctrine of Christ. The testimony of the doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi 31 is this: Jesus lived and does live Jesus was a perfect example. He was even baptized to show the importance […]

TTC #3 – take not the Lord's name in vain

A couple of thoughtful questions first. Why? What do we learn or lose by following or breaking this commandment? It’s not that the Lord will get his feelings hurt or anything like that. I think it has more to do with us taking control of ourselves. James 1:26 and all of chapter 3 are great […]

TTC #2 – No graven images

In the Topical guide, I see two messages regarding “graven images”. Image worship was the religion of the people who were not God’s chosen, the Israelites, in the time of the Old Testament. So we must be wary to not practice the religion of the “others” in the sense that it is not the religion […]

TTC #1 – No Other Gods Before Me

The first commandment given in the Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20: 3) So, how will having no other gods before God solve problems? First of all, keep in mind the second and fourth requirements. This commandment is for everybody, whether Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Buddhist, or […]

Mother's Day

Here’s a poem I wrote to hand out with the chocolate bars we gave to the women folk in the Ward today. “Because God is not with us now, He gave us each a mother. And from our birth, throughout the days, she loves us like no other; To heal a scratch, to wipe a […]

The Ten Commandments – Part 4

I think this might be the final point or qualifier before I actually delve into the Commandments themselves. The final point to keep in mind when applying the Ten Commandments to all of the problems in the world, is that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament. 4. Jesus is the God of the […]

The Ten Commandments – Part 3

Elder Dieter Uchtdorf spoke about the way of a disciple of Jesus Christ in the Sunday Morning Session of General Conference a week ago. The first part of his message fits nicely with my thoughts on how the Ten Commandments can solve all world problems. 3. Participation and patients is required. In order for the […]

The Ten Commandments – part 2

2. The Ten Commandments are for everybody. I will continue to look at the Ten Commandments and how they can solve all of the world’s problems. I am relying heavily on a talk given by Steven R. Covey at Brigham Young University on 27 May 1975 (see here), for introductory parameters that must be kept […]