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Ideas for daily study time.

Seven points that clarify Christ's existence

I’ve been struggling to find a topic or study practice to keep my studies coherent. I was prompted to start reading “Jesus the Christ” by James E. Talmage. I only have a copy in German, from my mission, so this will be interesting (unfortunately my German skills have deteriorated). Of course it is available in […]

The Doctrine of Christ

I read 2 Nephi chapter 31 recently, and was struck by the simple and pure and direct way it explains the doctrine of Christ. The testimony of the doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi 31 is this: Jesus lived and does live Jesus was a perfect example. He was even baptized to show the importance […]

No More Disposition to do Evil

Back in May of this year I started to search through the scriptures about what it means and how to obtain a state where I no longer have a disposition to do evil. One definition of “disposition” is “an inclination or tendency.” Much too often my disposition is to give in to temptations. I’m no […]

Sunday lessons

I’m just going to comment on a few things I learned yesterday at Church. 1. In Sunday School, our teacher started in on the war chapters of Alma. One thing she mentioned (well, actually reiterated again and again) is that the main purpose of the Book of Mormon is to teach us about Christ, the […]