SVN WordPress Updater

Ever have a whole mess of svn WordPress installs you needed to update. Hate doing them one at a time? Use this program to update a whole bunch, or a single install. All you have to remember is the program name, two flags, and the version you want to use.

Current Version is now on github.

wpupdate 1.6.1 (08.03.10)

Older versions:
wpupdate 1.6 (07.30.10)
wpupdate 1.5.2 (03.19.09)


WP Versions

This little script will output a file with all of the WP installs (svn and non) on your server. It uses the ‘locate’ command, so the results will typically show what was on the server the day before.

When using this script with the WP Update script above, you will need to edit the generated file and remove the leading semi-colon ‘;’ from the lines containing the install paths you wish to update.

wpversions 1.3.1 (08.03.10)

Older versions:
wpversions 1.3 (07.30.10)
wpversions 1.2 (03.17.09)

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