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Writing is like carving in stone

Cross posted at┬áNaziTunnels.org. Like a block of stone I recently finished writing and rewriting and writing again the essays for several scholarship applications. It is probably a good thing, but that was the most time and effort I have ever spent writing three pages of text. I went through several revisions of each essay, had […]

Go Fly a kite

I always felt I was not doing enough as an Elders Quorum President. There were things undone, people I never met, etc. I had an experience that helped me realize that my way of measuring success might not always be the same way God measures success. It happened on March 29, 2008, and I wrote […]

Toothbrush Analogy

This was one of the previous posts… These are thoughts I had once while thinking about members of my family who are inactive, and while brushing my teeth. I wondered if they will become more active as they get older, have kids, and realize the great things they missed out on. Toothbrush Analogy As a […]