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The end of the beard.

Well, I kept the beard until the end of the year like I wanted to. I had to trim it back for family pictures. It looked decent. Then I shaved it off in January, doing lots of fun different styles along the way. So here are the pics of the progression, from face coat to […]

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The competition!

We had the mustache competition last night at the work holiday party.  After a rousing game of White Elephant was the grand competition. The best moustache! Only five of us competed, and there was clearly only one winner. Ken, with the costume to boot, garnered the most rousing support and went home victorious, King Moustache!

Furry Christmas

We got the tree up, and if you look really, really closely, you’ll see I trimmed my moustache. And if you notice that, you’ll need to get your head checked. As the wife clearly shows…

In the server room

Today’s images are brought to you in the little “server room” next to my office. It’s really just a room with tile flooring. The Computer Science Department wants to make it into a server room, so I had to move all of our junk out. We had lots.

Multiple places

I had a cool idea to take a pic of me in all the different places I was at that day… but only took two. First one is in my Prof. office before discussing the inner workings of Google and how that affects digital scholarship. The second is in my class about Modernity and the […]

It grows and grows

I’m still truckin along with my beard. It’s a bit itchy now and again, but well worth it. My bike ride to work and back are much more bearable with a natural face coat!

Handlebar club

I think I want to join this club: http://www.handlebarclub.co.uk/wbmcwinners.shtml (thanks for the tip Ken!) Notice I shaved the groat (throat growth). My dad, a long time beard wearer, advocates the groat shaving. Makes it look cleaner and feels better.

Beard in AZ

I went to the Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona on November 14 and 15. I took my beard with me. The family was accepting…

The beard grows on…

I haven’t been doing so well keeping a photo everyday. But, watching a beard grow every day is not really all that exciting. I mainly wanted to do this to see if I could keep up with doing something regularly… Anyhow, here’s some interesting links to beard stuff. Art of Manliness Movember Beardruary And, without […]

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Day eight

Missed a couple of days. Been way busy with school and other things.

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