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Omeka goes live

Omeka, another fine product produced by CHNM, has released the public beta. This is a great tool for museums and other places (or individuals) who want to create online exhibits. In other news, there is now a growing movement to archive old skills that are no longer used. Mr. Scoble started a list of obsolete […]

THAT podcast

Check out THAT podcast (THAT = The Humanities And Technology). It’s a new video pod cast put on by a couple of co-workers at CHNM. They interview someone in the technical field about software that helps those of us in the humanities. The first episode includes an interview with Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress (the […]

The passing of Roy Rosenzweig

The Center for History and New Media has been profoundly solemn the past week. Our founder and director, Roy Rosenzweig, passed away last week. More about Roy can be read at his memorial site: thanksroy.org.

WordPress updater

What’s with these multiple posts in a day… Today marks the completion of my Multiple WordPress Updater Script. I’ve already posted a bunch about school stuff, might as well post about work stuff too. We host over 55 blogs at CHNM. It’s up to me to update them when security patches or new versions come […]