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The Offspring of God

Paul proclaims a lost truth. God is a physical personage, he is known (or can be known) to us. In Acts 17: 23, Paul proclaims to the people of Athens (who worshiped idols and an Unknown God) “him declare I unto you.” God is not impersonal, he is not invisible, insofar as we seek him. […]

Darkness Dispelled is a Call to Action

I read the First Presidency message, May We So Live,  for this month in preparation for Home Teaching tonight. President Monson talks about death, resurrection, and the fragility of life. All of these things are reminders and should the impetus that moves us to doing good. First we realize that death is a reality (the […]


I’m trying to improve my prayers. I want to move away from the rote and repetitive one-sided speech I have now, and have a conversation with Heavenly Father. I read in John 11, today, where Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. As he stood before the open tomb, Jesus said aloud to his Father that […]

Blind Sabbath

I read John chapter 8 today. This is the story of Jesus healing the blind man on the Sabbath day. I think there are two important lessons to learn here. One about faith, and the other about the Sabbath day. Faith Jesus heals a man that has been blind from birth. All of the Jews […]

Eat the flesh, drink the blood

As I was skimming through John chapter 6 looking for instances of prayer, I slowed down and read the reply of Jesus to the multitude who had followed him after he miraculously fed them bread and fish. They wanted more of that tangible food for which they had to do no work, but was provided […]