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Many Mechanical Machines

Back again with another roundup of websites promoting some history. This weeks focus is on the computers and other machines. Technologizer has come through in the past year or so with some really fun looks at technology of the past. Here are three: It’s amazing how ugly and non-functional computers were in the early stages. […]

Weekly Tips, Tricks, Gadgets, and Goodies #1

I think I’ll try and start a weekly tips, tricks, gadgets and goodies post. It will cover the neat-o things in the tech world that I come across during the week that don’t have a whole lot to do with history, but are fun nay-the-less. Tip #1: Custom Leopard stacks and drawer images Tutorial for […]

A mouse without buttons…

Here’s a whole site dedicated to the study and research of how we interact with the computer via the mouse and clicking. “The Click” says this site, is unnecessary. The whole site is designed to be used without clicking the mouse button but once! I liked it! Check out dontclick.it and see if you can […]

The design of everyday things

I’m facinated with why things are designed the way they are. I recently found a blog about the history of the electromechanical button.  In class tonight I was introduced to a series of books about the design of everyday things.  I’ll have to check them out at a latter date.