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Staying in Bed

[From my journal onĀ  November 26, 2007] Jan was having a hard time staying in bed tonight. When Jess went down to get water, she came in to ask me to put her blanket on her. I chose to ignore her because Jess had given Jan explicit instructions to stay in bed and consequences if […]

God is the God of all people

Paul is a powerful preacher and prophet. I finished Acts and have started Romans, and I’m astounded by the works of Paul. Despite constant tribulation he keeps the faith. In Romans chapter 3, he speaks to the believers and non believers in Rome. He testifies of Jesus Christ. He tells the people that it doesn’t […]

He will save the day

Today was Fast Sunday for us, since Stake Conference is next Sunday. Jonas was sitting next to me, and when there was a lull in people bearing testimony I asked Jonas if he wanted to go. He got quiet and solemn. I could tell he wanted to, but was a bit afraid. When the next […]

The Offspring of God

Paul proclaims a lost truth. God is a physical personage, he is known (or can be known) to us. In Acts 17: 23, Paul proclaims to the people of Athens (who worshiped idols and an Unknown God) “him declare I unto you.” God is not impersonal, he is not invisible, insofar as we seek him. […]